Showing Your Ex The Breakup Was A Mistake

Being broken up with can cause a lot of different emotions, especially when it came up with no warning signs and all you want to do is get back together with your ex. Stirring up casual feelings of jealousy is one of the best ways to ignite the attraction and someday get back with your ex, if that is what your goal is. One way to do that is by showing your ex breaking up with you was a mistake. This is done by showing how you have changed and grown.


women socializingDon’t stay home and feel sorry for yourself after a breakup. Take a couple days to be sad, then move on. Spend time with friends or family, or even socialize by dating someone else for a while. Enjoy your new life in a more social way, and your ex is sure to take notice. 

Becoming Fit and Healthy

There is a reason so many people start losing weight or getting fit after a breakup. It releases endorphins which makes you a happier and more balanced person. Not only that, it can improve your physical appearance and your self confidence. You are not trying to lose weight or build muscles to win someone back, but it ends up doing that anyway because you feel better about yourself. That confidence makes you look very attractive to your ex, and helps them understand that the breakup was a big mistake.

Find a New Hobby

couple exercising

Going for a jog is a great way to blow off some steam!

Another thing to show your ex is that you have found other interests. One great way to do this is by finding a new hobby. Maybe it is doing a DIY project at home, renovating your bathroom, taking dance or yoga classes, or taking a cooking class. Whatever it is, find something you truly and genuinely enjoy, as this will come off when your ex finds out about it. Whether a mutual friend tells them or you mention it on a social media network, they can see that you are moving on and actually enjoying your time with this new hobby.

Advance at Work

Start thinking more about your career and where it is headed. Not only is this a great distraction during the no contact phase of the breakup, but it gives you something positive to focus on. You can begin advancing in your career, whether it means finally getting a promotion and talking about how amazing it has been for you, or simply taking classes to move on up in your current position.

Don’t be overly obvious and make it apparent you are trying to shove your new life down their throat, but occasionally mention things you’re doing, your work promotion, or going to the gym regularly. This shows your ex that breaking up with you was a big mistake and you still have a lot of potential.


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