Handling Your Ex During The ‘No Contact’ Phase

two people ignoring each otherIf you are entering the no-contact phase, you may have a hard enough time not contacting your spouse, not to mention trying not to respond if they contact you. It is vital that the first 30 days after a breakup, you have absolutely no contact with them. If you are tempted to call or text your ex, or struggling with them trying to reach out, here are some tips to help you handle them during the no-contact phase. You must handle yourself accordingly if you really want to win your ex back into your life. Furthermore, knowing how to handle your ex during the ‘no contact’ will increase the likelihood of increasing your ex’s attraction level for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Respond to Contacts

Not having any communication with your ex during the no-contact phase is important and goes both ways. This means you do not try to get into contact with your ex, and you don’t respond or reply when they attempt to contact you. There are many reasons for this no-contact phase, including wanting to reset their feelings for you, being able to handle the breakup on your own, and improving his or her view of you. If after breaking up, you keep calling or texting your ex, the anger or annoyance remains in their mind.

Making Excuses

If you find yourself making excuses to get into contact with them, put a stop to it. If you get a message from your ex claiming you left some personal belongings at their house, just ignore the call. There is no reason you need to get your CD or pair of shoes immediately. You have already done without it, and can do so for another few weeks. Unless it is an emergency situation, there is no reason they should be contacting you, or why you should be responding to communications before the 30 days is up.

Limiting Unexpected Communications

If you accidentally run into them around town or at a party of a mutual friend, remain friendly but be brief. Don’t go into long conversations about what you have been up to. Keep it short, saying you are glad they are doing well, and excuse yourself to leave. Sometimes, these situations can’t be avoided, but you should try your best to keep it brief.

If Your Ex is Insistent

no cell phonesIf your ex keeps calling you or leaving text messages and you can’t seem to shake it, call back but make it very short. If they are concerned about your wellbeing, call and say you are okay, then leave it at that. Aside from that, try to put off answering his or her contacts until after the 30 days is up. There are some different reasons why they might be trying to contact you, such as if you left things at their house, they are worried about you, or you have their spare key. Take each situation as it comes along, using common sense in handling it.

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