Flirting With Your Ex

Once you have gotten past the no-contact phase, it is time to slowly start communicating more. The ultimate goal is to get back together, but flirting and rekindling the sexual passion will need to come first. This is a very delicate phase because if you try to rush it, it could backfire on you. On the other hand, going too slow might make them feel like you aren’t interested, and end up pushing them away. Here are some helpful tips for getting back to where you want to be.

and enter key with the word oops on itAvoiding the Same Mistakes

Don’t offer your ex the same thing they are used to. Listen to them and remember the things they told you before or during the breakup. Try your best to avoid the same mistakes, whether it is with dating, communication or your romantic relationship. The last thing you want to do is bring up negative memories and emotions, reminding them why you broke up in the first place. To get back together with someone and rekindle the romance, you need to show that you have changed, not just say you have.

Show That You Have Changed

When you do start communicating with your ex again, look amazing and show the different ways you have changed. Talk casually about how happy you are and how great you are doing; this gets you a lot farther than complaining about your life.

Ways to Flirt Casually

Going too fast can be a real turnoff, even with someone you have been intimate with in the past. Instead, flirt casually and slowly. Some good flirting techniques include talking in a soft, calming voice, looking right into their eyes when talking, light touches and smiling often. These subtle body language hints give them the right signs for flirting and leaning towards a romantic relationship once again.

couple rekindling their romanceRekindling the Romance

When it comes to making the move toward a physical romantic relationship, take their signals as a good sign. It can help to go on casual dates or meet ups that get you into a physical situation, such as attending a party with dancing. This helps remind them what it is like to be physically close to you. Avoid things that might turn out to be a mistake later on, such as getting intoxicated and having what seems more like a one night stand. You want to take it slow and gradually work towards rekindling the romance, in order for it to last.

As long as he or she is showing you signs of wanting to take the next step, there is no reason you can’t make the first move. If you don’t, they might not either. Once you have the romance rekindled, you are on your way to getting back into your relationship.

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