Rebuilding Your Ex’s Attraction

If you are following the rules and have broken off communication with your ex after a breakup, you may soon be looking for ways to again rebuild the attraction. This is what is going to help you get from having casual conversations again, to getting back into a relationship. If you’re not quite sure how to accomplish this successfully, here are some tips for rebuilding your ex’s attraction to you.

woman being casual on phoneBe Casual

Reigniting the passion and the romance you once shared together isn’t something you do overnight. Be casual, friendly and take it slow. Beginning with the first times you contact them, you will start by simply being friendly, perhaps bringing up a fun memory of something you once shared. Avoiding the topic of your break up, just be a good listener and a casual friend. This gradually leads to flirting and romance, but not too quickly.

Remain Positive and Upbeat

People want to be around other positive people, just the same as nobody wants to spend time with someone that is constantly negative and pessimistic. Be a positive and upbeat person, focusing on the good parts of your life. This can be very attractive to your ex, especially if one of the things they didn’t like about you was that you tended to complain or be negative a lot of the time. Show then you have changed and are now embracing life and how good it can be.

Avoid Serious Discussions

Of the things you can talk about, having serious conversations is really the last thing you want to do. This can bring up negative emotions your ex once had for you, and won’t help your chances of getting back together. Avoid serious discussions of any kind for a while, instead focusing on being happy and comfortable in your own skin, showing you are doing well.

Flirting to Romance

couple being romanticBefore you get into the sexual part of your relationship, you need to start slow. Rebuilding an attraction isn’t successful when you just try to get them in bed. Instead, start with the friendly part of the friendship, gradually working up to flirting and then romance. Treat your ex like someone you are just now starting to date, without trying to skip steps. However, be careful not to be too friendly for too long and end up in the friend zone. This is why subtle flirting is good, because it isn’t too obvious, but it is enough to show you are still interested.

As you can see, rebuilding that attraction is about being yourself and reminding your ex of the things they once loved about you. Whether it is the way you behave, your appearance, your intelligence or your humor, you want to give them positive reminders of the person they once enjoyed being around.

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