Does Your Ex Want You Back?

If you and your ex have been broken up for a while, you may be starting to notice some less-than-subtle signs that make you think twice about wanting to stay broken. Unfortunately, it can be difficult knowing if it is all in your head, or if they are in fact signs that your ex wants to get back together. Here are some of the most common signs that indicate your ex is interested in getting back together, and how to properly interpret the signs.

girl calling guyThey Attempt Communication

The first and most obvious sign is that your ex is attempting communication. You do need to be careful though, because every type of communication does not mean it is a sign they want to get back together. In some ways, simply asking you a question because they know you would be the only one to know the answer, isn’t a great sign. On the other hand, if they seem insistent and keep trying to ask you out or communicate with you more, you can take that as a sign.

Invitations to get Together

Aside from general communication, your ex might be asking to meet up or inviting you to things they know you would be interested in. If your ex randomly calls you up asking if you want to come over, or go to a concert they happen to have tickets for, it could be a sign they want to get back together. Handling this is tricky though. If it is within your first 30 day no-contact phase, either don’t answer them, or kindly say you have plans. Otherwise, don’t seem too eager and mull it over.


They Are Getting Flirty

flirty coupleIf you do happen to see your ex, whether at a meet-up or a social gathering, you can find out if they want you back by paying attention to their words and their body language. You should know them enough by now to see when they are trying to flirt. If you notice the common signs of flirting and they are only doing it with you, it is another good sign they don’t want to be broken up anymore..

They Talk to Your Friends 

Reaching out to your friends, even if they are mutual friends, is another subtle sign thy want you back. If they didn’t, it would be more likely that they would try to avoid your friends at all cost, knowing word might get around to you. But if they keep talking to your mutual friends, they are trying to get more information about you, and possibly want to know if you’re dating anyone else.

Paying close attention to the things they do and say can usually give you some hints as to them wanting you back. If you want to get back together, take it slow and casual, as rushing things can put them off.

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