Using Jealousy To Win Back Your Ex

Jealousy can be a powerful emotion, and one that you can subtly use to get your ex back. One thing to remember when following these tips, is that you are doing it subtly, and not trying to be overly obvious. If you make it a point that you are only doing certain things to make them jealous, it is going to have the opposite effect and make it even harder to win them back and create attraction.

Start the No-Contact Rule

no talking signThis means you are not going to have any contact or communication with them for at least 30 days. Your ex is probably expecting you to contact them after the breakup, whether to try to get them back or see how they are doing, but you don’t want to do this. The no-contact rule means you have zero contact with them. Block them from Facebook, remove them from your phone, and don’t try to call or go over to their house. The lack of contact automatically causes some jealous emotions.

Use Social Media

You don’t have to remove your ex from social media completely to be able to hold back from contacting them. Just block them from your feed so on their end, you’re still friends, but you jut are not following them or replying to anything they post. With that being said, social media can help you subtly make them jealous. Do so by casually posting pictures of you having a good time on your own, whether it’s dating someone else or talking to someone who is attractive and might provoke some jealous feelings on their part.

Start Dating

couple dating

Going on dates is one of the best ways to make your ex jealous.

You don’t need o get into a serious relationship with someone else and shove it in your ex’s face to get them to be jealous. Simply going on dates with someone else can make them feel jealous. Again, don’t make it obvious. But telling a mutual friend about coffee you had with someone you’re starting to date could get around to your ex pretty quickly.

See Them in Public

If you were in a relationship with them for a while, you probably know where they like to frequent. Maybe there is a park you spent a lot of time, a bar where you hung out with friends, or you used to go to the same grocery store. If you are dating or socializing, bring them with you to one of these locations where you might bump into your ex. You want to show them you are having fun without them. If you have a mutual friend throwing a party, it gives you an excellent opportunity.

Making someone jealous isn’t about constantly reminding them of what they are missing, but simply enjoying your life and showing you are moving on.

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