Shock Therapy – Ignoring Your Ex

two people not listeningThis is likely not the first time you have heard of the no contact rule after breaking up with your ex. Whether you want them back or not, there should be no contact with them whatsoever. If you are looking for ways to get them back, having no contact for at least 30 days is crucial. During this time, you have some strong emotions, and contact them could worsen your chances. You are hurt and lonely and tend to do or say things you regret. While it can be difficult, avoid all contact and disappear from their radar for a month minimum. There’s a lot you need to know before you know how to ignore your ex.

Why the No Contact Rule Works

If you ever want to get your ex back, you have to back away and avoid all contact for the first 30 days. No late night text message, no “liking” their Facebook statuses, no checking in to see how they are. You want to be removed completely from their radar. Why? It lets you start over. Their emotions and feelings for you are reset because they are not being reminded by you. There was something lost between the two of you, which is why you broke up in the first place. This gives you both a fresh start and to see each other with new eyes. Don’t be surprised if they try to contact you when you disappear, but be strong and don’t respond until the 30 days are over.

How Long to Keep it Up

This will vary depending on how long you were together and what your relationship was like. It needs to be long enough for both of you to start moving on, and letting those angry or resentful feelings settle down so you can start over. The minimum amount of time is 30-31 days. If you have a long relationship for several years, consider increasing the no contact phase to six weeks.

Avoiding Contact With Your Ex 

a woman ignoring a guyActually avoiding them can be the most challenging part. Not just because you want to talk to them, but because you might still go to the same places. If you know where you spend their time, avoid these places at all costs. If you attend the same class or go to the same gym, change your plans and find a new gym. Not only does it help you avoid them completely, but it will send a message to them that you want to avoid communication for the time being. There is no good reason to contact them during the no-contact phase, aside from a rare life threatening situation, so do whatever you can to avoid it.

Unavoidable Contacts

The last thing to know about the no-contact rule is that occasionally you might run into a situation where you can’t avoid contacting them. You can run into them at the grocery store or other regular activities you both tend to frequent. If this happens, be friendly but not overly so, and excuse yourself as quickly as possible. If you have an unavoidable contact, make it brief and extend the 30 days to six weeks.

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